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Good morning!

It was rather early, the sun tenderly colouring pale beach, when Bel left her shuttle. She yawned, put the box on the ground, jumped some times, shook her head. The wind was rather cold inspite of the absence of the clouds.
- Eh bien voila, - she muttered, taking her hamster from the box.

In the shuttle

Aude would like to sleep like others, but she couldn't. Too much new people, too much impressions. Well, one sleepless night wouln't do much harm. She took her tablet PC from her backpack and began to read, whispering some lines from time to time:
- Quelques-uns ont été des edens et des astres.
Et l'on voit maintenant, tous chargés de désastres,
Rouler, éteints, désespérés,
L'un semant dans l'espace une effroyable graine,
L'autre trainant sa lèpre et l'autre sa gangrène,
Ces noirs soleils pestiférés...

First watch

It was already rather late, when the small group went to sleep to Bel's shuttle. The campfire threw yellowish gleams to its dim side.
Jim sat near the fire, and Bel decided to go around the perimeter.
The stubborn Spaniard was near his shuttle. Bel was sure that he saw her. She sighed, adjusted the strap of her gun and approached:
- I am sure you are hungry.

///those who went to sleep may open a thread about sleepy whispering in the shuttle///

Dinner at last. English-speakers' corner

Seeing that all the francophones gathered together chatting in their strange nasal-guttural language, Allan turned to the others who apparently didn't speak French:
- I propose that everyone sit down at last and begin our dinner. Me, perrsonally, is alrehdy starving!
He gestured to the place at the 'tablecloth' and, seeing the others' tardiness, sat down first, making a personal example.
- This heer, - he opened one of his packages, - would be some dried beef, and this, - he rumbled in another one, - ah, this is s'm tinned fruit, I s'pose...
As a last and deciding stroke, Allan placed a square-shaped bottle in the middle of the improvised tablecloth. He was handling it so carefully that one would think there were liquid gold in it.
- Wha'? - he asked looking into the misunderstanding (or even denouncing?) eyes of his almost-compatriotes.
- Oui, je suis bellifontaine, mais il y a une époque que j'ai quitté cette ville. Et vous? Parmi tous ces anglais je suis heureuse de rencontrer quelqu'un à qui parler. Certes, ils sont aimables, eux... mais vous me comprenez, n'est-ce pas?
As Bel saw how many newcomers there were, she opened some cans with soup, stew meat and pineapple juice. Her big handkerchief served as a tablecloth. The hamster, already calm, sniffed a cracker.
- Look, Julian, it seems like we have kind of a feast here, - she smiled.

The Beginning :)

From above the unknown planet looked rather homely and friendly. The first scanning of the atmosphere made with an on-board computer showed that it was breathable.

The shuttle landed on the coast of a sea, or maybe a large lake, or maybe even an ocean; a sandy beach was stretching to the right and to the left of the shuttle. Running upwards and away from the water, it changed into green hills and forests fenced by distant mountains. It was a cloudy day, and it was probably rather warm up there, in the hills, but here on the coast a chilly wind was constantly blowing from the sea, bringing in a mixture of smells, mostly pleasant ones. Large birds - probably some sort of local gulls - were flying low over the water, crying shrilly. All in all, it looked not too unlike Earth.

The sun broke through the clouds, and in its rays several other shuttles could be seen landing on the beach or going through the atmosphere to the surface of the planet.